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Mês actual: Abril 2014


Arena Lounge

A rotating stage with multiple platforms that allows a progressive view of the surrounding spaces.
This is the “heart” and social centre of the Casino Lisboa, with bar and café service, where concepts such as cocktail bars and finger foods combine in a “chilled-out” musical environment interspersed with choreographic and acrobatic interventions.
Multimedia presentations appear larger than life, displayed on a giant screen of 200 square metres.
casino red carpet
The Casino Red Carpet  gives you access to exclusive contests and special privileges in Casino Estoril and Lisbon as: being side by side with your favorite artists, receive from the hands of your favorite musician a signed CD, live in "backstage" with your cult band or exchange a chat with your favorite actor.

And to be able to access all this, just be a fan, stay abreast of all the new poster shows of Casino Estoril and Casino Lisboa, and participate to be a part of the elect!

If you want to be closer to musicians, actors and artists preferred, please do.

Become a fan and have the walk on the red carpet!
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